If you want to get around downtown with speed, then look for the new Bird scooters. You can rent a scooter in three steps:

  1. Download the Bird app. Signing up does require a credit or debit card number or PayPal account -- rental is completely digital.

  1. The app has a map that shows all of the available scooters in your area. Pick the one you want and find where it’s parked.

  1. The handlebars have a QR code. Scan the code with the app and follow the instructions on your app from there.

Battle Creek allows scooters on downtown sidewalks and bike lanes and bike paths. So hop on and head to Umami Ramen for lunch, or cruise along the river on the Linear Park path.

Electric scooters are surprisingly easy to use! First-timers have to be careful of learning to control the speed, but it isn’t hard to balance. The motor doesn’t kick in at first. You have to hold down the throttle and push forward with your foot, so it can be surprising when the motor warms up and the scooter suddenly starts moving on its own.

Don’t go faster than 10 miles while on a downtown sidewalk, but the scooter can go up to 15 miles an hour on the Linear Park trail. From our testing, 7 miles an hour can be plenty fast enough.

Helmets are available to borrow from the Welcome Center in downtown Battle Creek. If you want to start at the Welcome Center, here’s an easy route for a tour on wheels:


This route will take you past Monument Park, the Underground Railroad sculpture, the Kellogg House, the Battle Creek River, the rainbow bridge, Kellogg World headquarters and Wave Square.

You don’t have to stop where you started -- just end your ride, park the scooter out of the way, take a picture with the app and you’re done.

Happy scooting!