Originally posted by "Behind the Mitten" Listen to "BTM Episode 98: FireKeepers Casino Hotel features 42 Michigan beers at Dacey's Taphouse, plus 6 restaurants" on Spreaker.

On this episode of "Behind the Mitten," John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman travel to FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek where they go behind the scenes to its newest addition: Dacey's Taphouse.

The restaurant features 52 taps, including 42 from Michigan. Plus, the food is more than just bar food -- we sampled mac and cheese, tacos and even a short rib bowl with tons of delicious veggies. The taphouse has a separate entrance, so even if you don't gamble, you can still check it out.

This episode aired March 11-12, 2017.

Segment 1: John and Amy talk about what's new at FireKeepers with CEO Brian Decorah, and the kind of employees they are looking for. More than 1,700 people work at FireKeepers.

Segment 2 (Listen at 10:00): Brandon Coco, the Taphouse & Beverage Manager, talks about all the new features of Dacey's, and also shares his story of starting as a bartender to becoming a manager.

Segment 3 (Listen at 19:00): The food comes out! John and Amy sample a delicious burger, giant pretzel, mac and cheese, tacos, short rib bowl, nachos and more! Also, Brandon and Amber Ballard of FireKeepers talk more about the menu, and Dacey's.

Segment 4 (Listen at 29:00): Jim Wise, Vice President of Marketing at FireKeepers, stops by to talk events for St. Patrick's Day and how to win a $100,000 Luxury RV on March 25, 2017. John and Amy also do BEER of THE WEEK: The FKC Ale made by Arcadia Ales. It is available exclusively at Dacey's Taphouse.

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