Imported ImageAfter a week off, the “Battle Creek” blog is back! This week was all about reopening the case of Danny’s parent’s murder. Danny is Commander Guziewicz son. There were several aspects of the real Battle Creek from downtown shots to Battle Creek Central jackets. Here is what I noticed from the real Battle Creek: Downtown Battle Creek

At about the 19-minute mark, Milt and Russ are driving in the car to go interview a suspect. As they are going down the road I noticed that the Imported Imagelandscape looked very familiar. The landscape is from Michigan Avenue in downtown Battle Creek! You can see the recognizable flowerpots on the sidewalk and the recognizable lampposts.  You can also see the blue and green street signs that are displayed down the road. If you pay close attention you can also see the waterfall monument next to Mill Race Park.

Heritage Tower

Imported ImageRight after the shots of downtown, they show a shot of Heritage Tower. Heritage Tower is one of the two tall buildings in downtown Battle Creek. The tower will be undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation very soon.

Battle Creek Central Jacket

There is a shot where Milt, Commander Guziewicz, Russ and the chief areImported Image talking in an office. On the coat rack outside there is a Battle Creek Central Varsity Jacket. Battle Creek Central is the public school in downtown Battle Creek. If you come to the real Battle Creek, the high school is hard to miss. They have a large high school with C.O. Post Stadium right across the street from the building.

Battle Creek has a beautiful downtown. If you are ever here, stop in our office at:

34 W. Jackson St., Battle Creek, MI 49017