There are places where you can get a savory seasonal meal -- places such as Kitchen Proper, Malleable Brewing, Lucky Rooster and Umami Ramen depend on local produce.

But it’s also a time for doughnuts, pie and hot drinks. Here are seven places to satisfy your seasonal sweet tooth:

Cafe Rica

Stop by to pick up a drink or try something from the new lunch menu.

The Apple Pie Latte was a hit last year, with caramel, fresh cinnamon and nutmeg grounds. Or make your hot cocoa cozier with cinnamon.

If you’ve never had apples or jam on your grilled cheese, then it’s time to rectify that with the John Appleseed Grilled Cheese.

To go full fall, though, order the Cider Hill Waffles, which are topped with grilled apples, bacon, walnuts, cranberries and a drizzle of condensed milk.

The Core Bistro

This bistro’s name refers to apples, so you know they’re going to be ready for fall. You won’t be disappointed, with a dessert menu that features pecan pie, apple pie and pumpkin crisp -- all served a la mode. The porch has heaters, so you can enjoy eating out there even in cooler weather.

Station 66

This spot is hot in the summer for its ice cream, but Station 66 slides seamlessly into fall with apple cider, pumpkin doughnuts and bowls of soup. If you’re still in the mood for ice cream, you can get a scoop with homemade apple topping, hot caramel and toasted pecans. Station 66 is also a great place to pick up your fall decorations, with pumpkins, mums, straw bales and more.

Simply Sensational Berries

The mini pumpkin pies are cute enough on their own. But add them to a pumpkin cheesecake cone or a hot drink like the Pumpkin Pie Delight, and you have pumpkin heaven.

Louie’s Bakery

Don’t arrive too late if you want to grab one of Louie’s famous Halloween sugar cookies. Known to sell out, these big cookies are shaped as a pumpkin with orange frosting. Each one is $1.

Foundry Bake House

The bakers at Foundry always fill the cases with more than you can choose, and now they’ve added fall flavors into rotation. Good luck choosing between the pumpkin doughnuts or the ones filled with apple. Just don’t skimp on the leaf-shaped sprinkles and Halloween icing.

Grand River Brewery

If you want to combine sweet with savory, ask for the Cinfully Delicious Burger at Grand River Brewery. A cinnamon roll is used as the bun and they add bacon, Swiss cheese and a cinnamon whiskey glaze.