Calhoun County is made up of many small towns! The three main ones are Battle Creek, Marshall and Albion. Each city has their own charm. Here is a little more about each one.  Battle Creek The biggest of the three cities, Battle Creek has been dubbed the Cereal City for many years. The city has a rich history in the cereal industry, as the famed breakfast food was invented right here in Battle Creek by the Kellogg brothers. Kellogg and Post are still located here today. Besides cereal, Battle Creek is home to a great downtown, restaurants, and full of amateur sports.

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Marshall Located in between Battle Creek and Albion, Marshall is full of small town charm. The town is full of some of the oldest buildings in Michigan and hosts a Historic Home Tour every September. While in Marshall, you can shop all the cute little shops, visit Dark Horse Brewery or grab a bite to eat in the centuries old Schuler's Restaurant.

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Albion The smallest of the three cities, Albion is home to the prestigious Albion College. They also are home to a great Children's Museum, many parks, lots of historic Bed and Breakfasts and a new brewery called Albion Malleable.

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