Felling all Zoomed out? Head hurting from staring at screens? Calhoun County is here to help. 

Check out these five activities that require you to unplug from the digital world.

Hike and camp at Fort Custer State Park

Nature is a great way to destress. One recent study found that spending 10 minutes outdoors helped college students feel happier. Fort Custer State Park offers all kinds of ways to enjoy being outdoors, whether you want to pack a basket for a beach picnic, pack a backpack for a day of hiking or pack the car for a weekend camping trip. 

Ride a bike along the Linear Park Trail

The Linear Path is 26 miles of paved trail that’s perfect for bicyclists. Take time to enjoy fresh air along the river. You’ll notice there are signs along the path that mark it as part of the North Country Trail. So even if you don’t have a bike, you can log in your NCT Hike 100 Challenge. For beginners, you might want to start near Friendship Park, head east toward the Underground Railroad Monument, and then circle around and go west through downtown Battle Creek.

Kayak on the Kalamazoo River

Put your phone in a plastic bag and go for a trip down the Kalamazoo River. The river is easy to access, but once you’re out there, it can feel like you’re in the middle of a great wilderness. Don’t have a kayak? Check out the Marshall Recreation Department, which offers rentals of canoes, kayaks and innertubes. Call 269-781-5166 for more information.

Explore Wilder Creek

Add a little enchantment into your nature walk by searching for the Wilder Creek castle. The stone building is hidden in the woods. You can explore the forest along raised wooden boardwalks, trails and viewing platforms. Pavilions provide a perfect spot to eat a picnic.

Puzzle your way out of the Cereal City Escape Room

Electronic devices aren’t allowed when you have to solve puzzles in a race against time. Cereal City Escape Room has three options: a crime scene, a junk shop and a wizard’s castle. Bring along anyone in your pandemic bubble for some challenges that will get your body moving and your brain thinking. It’s also a great way to get people talking face to face.