5 must-see vehicles at Gilmore Car Museum

Car shows are

How Battle Creek became the Cereal City

There have been entire books written about how the cereal industry got its start in Battle Creek. Here’s the short and snappy version:
The story always starts with the Seventh-day Adventists. Founder and prophet Ellen White received a holy message:

Take a tour of African-American history in Battle Creek

Perry Sanford escaped from a Kentucky plantation, avoided slave catchers and ended up in Battle Creek. He was one of the African-American pioneers to begin a long, rich history in this city that was a major station on the Underground

Black History Month: Take a Sojourner Truth tour

Sojourner Truth was a dynamic voice for abolition and suffrage. She was able to escape slavery, went to court to save her son and spent time helping African Americans transistion into post-slavery life after the Civil War. 
She was born

Black History Month: A monument to the Underground Railroad

Calhoun County was an important stop on the Underground Railroad, as African Americans made their way to Canada. Marshall and Battle Creek were known to be welcoming places and a number of African Americans decided to settle here instead of

5 things to know about the Lincoln Room

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is Feb. 12. While you get your log cabin cake ready, keep in mind there’s a larger-than-life Lincoln on display.
A. Lincoln is a portrait made entirely out of pennies. It’s in the Lincoln Room, found at

Black History Month: Stories from Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery (255 South Ave.) contains many voices from Battle Creek’s past, including Sojourner Truth and the Kellogg brothers.
But some of the most interesting stories come from ordinary people who lived through extraordinary times.

Perry Sanford escaped slavery

Black History Month: Albion’s vanguard

Albion was once known as “Little Detroit,” because of its industrial jobs and diverse culture.
Like many old factory towns, Albion is going through some reinvention right now, which includes a new brewery, bakery and hotel. 

But the history of

Tourists get the inside story on Battle Creek

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It’s the squirrels that Theresa Anthony of Charlotte, North Carolina, remembers about her trip to Ottawa.

“We have brown squirrels in Charlotte, and they have black squirrels in Ottawa. Amazing,” she said on a recent …

Five weird facts about Calhoun County

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1) We’ve got alligators (and one crocodile)

Michigan likes to brag about not having sharks and alligators in the water, but that’s not quite true in Calhoun County.

The Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary has hundreds of reptiles in