Station 66 is a little roadside attraction that does triple duty as a market, cafe and ice cream parlor. 


Vintage pop bottles 

People of a certain age will remember buying glass Coke bottles at the gas station. Well, Station 66 was once a station and keeps the vintage vibe with an ice chest full of cold Coke bottles. Pop the top off with a bottle opener and enjoy the memories. 


Ice cream 

You know you’re at the right spot because of the giant ice cream sculpture in the yard. Kids get a special scoop; they add candy eyes, creating a friendly looking cone. They make their own waffle cones, too! 



Stop by the cafe for the kind of lunch people used to eat while traveling Route 66. The hot dogs are great, you need to have fries with your patty melt, while the fall soups keep people returning. They slow-cook the pulled pork overnight and serve it with homemade barbecue sauces. 


Fresh produce 

Station 66 has a small market with fresh farm produce as it comes in season, along with other Michigan made items. The produce shows up in the cafe too, as they make strawberry shortcake in the spring, peach cobbler in the summer, and apple crisp in the fall. Make sure to add a scoop of ice cream. 


Outdoor space 

Hang around for a while at one of the picnic tables. Station 66 has a lot of outdoor space and yard games. It’s wonderful to be outside on a clear Michigan day, whether eating ice cream in summer or doughnuts in fall.