Calhoun County Fair

Marshall, Michigan

Bringing people together since 1848, the county fair has been around for generations. Even if you’re not a farm family, it’s one last summer blast before school begins.

What is the most county-fair-ish thing I can do? 

Obviously, the most fair-ish thing you can do is raise a cow from birth and show it off for judging. 

But if you don’t have a farm, it’s fun to go through all of the buildings to see animals. The 4-H kids are always busy taking care of their livestock and you can ask questions. 

What fair food should I eat? 

By an informal poll, the Friskie fries came out on top. Definitely try them with vinegar. 

Sweet things are also a must-have. The elephant ears are the most popular fried treat, but there’s also caramel apples and cotton candy. 

Another hot tip is to seek out the pretzel wagon for a salty-sweet treat. 

What is the biggest night in the grandstand? 

The demolition derby is by far the most popular event. That must be why they save it until the last day.

But there’s something going on every day at the grandstand, such as truck pulls, monster trucks and a rodeo. Check the schedule for all your choices. 

How long does the carnival go? 

The TJ Schmidt carnival has rides for everyone, from the thrill-seeker to those who prefer to stay more grounded. 

There’s a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and the one that takes you high in the air and spins you around like a cake mixer.

When is the best day to bring kids? 

Kids Day is Tuesday. There will be activities going on all day, such as a frog-jumping contest and photos with superheroes and princesses. 

Make sure to enter your name for the prize drawing. The big prize is a bike! 

What are the cutest animals? 

The mini whinnies are the cutest animals at the fair. They’re goat-sized horses with fluffy manes and salty attitudes. You can find them by the horse barn. 

To be honest, most of the animals have their cute side: the cows have big, beautiful eyes; the rabbits with their floppy ears; the playfulness of the little lambs and kids (we mean goat-kids, not human-kids).