Dogs can have a lot of fun while visiting Calhoun County, so dogs, this article is for you (and until dog Uber is invented, bring your humans, too).

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Home Run Dog Park

There’s plenty of space to run around in this brand-new park. Hopefully your human has a strong throwing arm, because you’ll want to go the distance when chasing that ball.

Speaking of throwing, can you believe humans like to chase baseballs, too? That’s why there’s all of those diamond-shaped fields right next to your park. It’s called Bailey Park.

Even if you didn’t bring any toys with you, there are sticks to play with, since the park has trees for shade. Humans are very sensitive to the sun, so make sure if your human looks overheated, they go sit at one of the tables in the pavilion.

If you need a drink, go to the hydration station. Remember to share nicely!

Pretend you’re out in the wild by running up and down platforms or through tunnels -- just like White Fang.

If you are in training for competition, there are obstacles to test your agility.

Little dogs, don’t worry, there’s a separate space for you.

Address: Bailey Park, 1392 Capital Ave. N.E., Battle Creek

Other dog parks

Remember when you went to the Scary Place and the Scary Person stuck you with a needle? Well, your human needs proof of this if you’re going to use the Curtis Whitaker Bark Park at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (2500 Watkins Road, Battle Creek). Membership requires a copy of vaccination records.

That might be too much if you’re only visiting, so try the walking paths around the nearby woods and fields. You’ll have to wear a leash, but the paths were made so dogs can take their human for a walk.

If you want to run around in Albion, there’s a fenced area on the corner of Division Street and Bidwell Street. Feel free to ditch the leash and run free.

Stores for dogs

You’re going to need your leash to visit State Street Pawfitters (155 W. Michigan Ave., Marshall), mostly so your human can keep you from instantly snarfing down all the snacks you can reach. That’s considered rude.

The first thing you’ll notice at Pawfitters is the bins of biscuits and chew toys, then the bakery case full of fresh cookies, sausages and duck heads.

You’ll be begging for a treat, but the store offers more. There are stylish food dishes, toys and beauty products. Humans can buy signs that remind them how wonderful you are, even when you’re trying to yank their arm off to get to the duck heads.

Your human can avoid the begging for treats at The Scoop (250 S. Washington Ave., Battle Creek), where there’s drive-thru service. But that would mean missing out on browsing holistic treats inside the store.

Look, we know you’re not a fan of the Scary Place, but the people there really want you to be healthy and happy.

The Scoop was opened by Dr. Pete VanVranken of Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic, to create a place where animals can get proper nutrition so they don’t have to go to the Scary Place too many times. Your human can get advice on all aspects of how to keep you in good shape.

Dog-friendly hotels

If you’re staying overnight, you’re going to want a place with a nice, warm bed.

Some dog-friendly hotels include:

Battle Creek

  • Baymont Inn & Suites, 4725 Beckley Road (don’t get it confused with the downtown Baymont, which is not dog friendly):
  • Quality Inn, 2590 Capital Ave. S.W.:
  • Towne Place Suites, 12917 Harper Village Drive: