The newest brewery in Battle Creek has everyone in town talking! Not only is the beer good but the food is too. Territorial Brewing serves German-style beers and German-style food. What’s on the menu?

If you really like meat, you will be in heaven at Territorial Brewing. German Sausage is a main food group. They even have a sausage guide on the menu that will tell you exactly what you are putting in your mouth.  The five kinds are: Knackwurst, Weisswurst, Frankfurter Wurstchen, Bockwurst, and Bratwurst.

Many of the menu options would be great as appetizers if you are just going for the brewery atmosphere. A pretzel is a must for a starter! They have many different mustards or house-made condiments to dip them in.  They have fries, Pom Fritz, that are German style. The only difference is the shape and that they are more like potato wedges.

There are also burgers on the menu to get away from the German style food. If you are looking for healthier options, try “The Patricia”, a chicken sandwich, with the kale slaw on the side. There is something on the menu that everyone will like, whether you are the adventurous type of eater or a little pickier.


Now to the reason this brewery was created… the beer. You cannot have one without it. Many of the beers are German style beers from the famous Hefeweizen to a Doppelbock.

The nice thing about Territorial’s beer is that you can get a lighter lager if you are not into heavy beers. At many craft breweries today, it is getting harder to find those lighter brews but Territorial has some great ones. The Lyon Helles, a Munich Helles Lager, is one of their lighter beers that is very refreshing.

What did I get while I was there?

Given that I went two days after Christmas, I decided to go on the lighter side of the menu. I got “The Patricia”: a grilled chicken sandwich topped with grilled apples, spinach, and cherry chutney. Let’s just say it was one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches I have ever had. Many restaurants tend to dry out the chicken but Territorial did not. The grilled apples and cherry chutney gave it a sweet, fresh twist.

I also got the Pom Fritz to go with it. Since I was a kid, I have been a fry coinsurer and these fries were definitely up to my par. They come in thin wedges but taste pretty amazing.

For my beer I got the Harmonia, the Hefeweizen. I have been to a lot of craft breweries and this was definitely a great beer! It has a fruity, lighter taste. I would recommend it to anyone.

I cannot wait to go back again and try more of the menu and the beers!