When experienced golfers hear Lake Doster, they think “Little Monster.”

The notorious par 3 hole sounds easy enough on paper. It’s only 80 yards in all. But Tim Hartson, managing general partner, says you’ll feel the intimidation once you’re standing at the top of the hill.

It’s an elevated tee and you hit down to a green that is surrounded by sand -- there are three bunkers and water around 75% of the green.

“We call it the Little Monster because I’ve seen guys take everything from a 2 to an 8,” Hartson said.

Golfers elected the Little Monster one of the 18 most notable holes in Michigan through Golf Live. Hartson said he’s had people recognize the photo of hole #3 even if they’ve never been to Lake Doster.

There’s still plenty of time to give the Little Monster a shot this year. In fact, Lake Doster might be an ideal fall course.

“There are holes that cut through the woods,” Hartson said. “The fall colors are wonderful.”

You’ll feel like you're up north, given the natural changes along the elevated greens. Keep your eyes open for deer and foxes and a snapping turtle.

“From the first tee all the way to the 18th green, the course flows on the land that it’s on,” Hartson said.

Like Little Monster, there’s more to Lake Doster than meets the eye. Be prepared to use almost all of the clubs in your bag to master a variety of shots.

“I promise you after you play it, you’re going to want to play it again,” Harston said.

Golf Now also has high rankings for the golf course staff. Lake Doster hosts a lot of women golf events and is known for being one of the best places in the state for women to play, Hartson said.

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