New Holland is more than a brewpub, it’s also a great place to shop.  


So if you have something you like at the bar, such as a blueberry Fitzgerald or a hazy IPA, then you can pick up the ingredients for home. 


Here are five items from the New Holland Brewing Co. in Battle Creek that will take your spirits to the next level: 


Dragon’s Milk Origin Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 

The American Distilling Institute named it the Best Bourbon for 2023. Origin is distilled on a prohibition-era still to create a unique flavor with four signature tasting notes of stone fruit, vanilla wafer, pastries and citrus. It’s a hot item and isn’t always available, so grab it if you see it! 


Blueberry Knickerbocker Gin 

The blueberry Knickerbocker gin is a shade of lavender that belongs on an artist’s palette, which is why it’s inspired the creation of a cocktail in the New Holland taproom called the Vermeer – it’s also good for mixing a Fitzgerald. The gin showcases the aromas of blueberry jam and cardamom. The finish is clean, with notes of blueberry muffins and a nuanced sweetness. 



If you’re exercising dry January, Aquanaut is a great alternative to beer or those White Claws. It’s a sparkling water infused with hops and a splash of mango, both bubbly and refreshing. 


Ready-to-go cocktails 

New Holland excels at the ready-to-go cocktail, which is just as fitting for the pool as it is for cocktail hour. The Dragon’s Milk Old Fashioned ready-to-serve cocktail is a fan favorite, made with Beer Barrel Bourbon, house-made mole and orange bitters, natural orange peel oil, and the not-so-secret ingredient: Dragon's Milk Simple Syrup. The Holland Mule is a classic, using Knickerbocker Gin, a splash of spicy ginger beer and lime juice. But the Prickly Pear Margarita has an unconventional kick with a hint of spice. 



We’re fans of the Tangerine Space Machine design, with a little alien and an orange UFO representing the hazy IPA with tangerine. You can buy it on a shirt or hat. But if you want to share your love of New Holland Brewing, nothing beats the classic windmill design on a T-shirt.