If you’re looking for something special on Valentine’s Day, may we suggest something sweet?

Calhoun County has everything from bean-to-bar chocolate to unique dessert menus.


Horrocks | Battle Creek

Check out the candy case for fudge and fancy confections that make great gifts. There are also aisles full of treats, from chocolate-covered ginger to mini peanut butter cups. The candy bar section has unique flavors from small companies and treats imported from other countries. Maybe pair chocolate with a DIY flower bouquet.

Simply Sensational Berries | Battle Creek

Try something a little different at Simply Sensational Berries. This store is named after its signature chocolate-covered strawberries, but they also have cookies, cakes, brownies, doughnuts and parfaits. If you prefer salty-sweet, then ask about the chocolate-covered bacon.

Yellow Bird Chocolate Shop | Albion

Chocolate has a lot in common with wine. Let it melt in your mouth, and different flavor notes emerge. Jenny Risner-Wade, owner of Yellow Bird, makes chocolate from scratch, using ethical sources for her beans, spices and teas. If you want to be adventurous, try something like the garlic bar, which pairs well with beer. Or pick up some sweet ganache truffles.


Continental Pastries & Deli | Battle Creek

If you want your gift to be both sweet and cute, head to Continental. They serve delicate little pastries infused with raspberry or apricot filling. If you go for a 9-inch cake, though, we won’t judge. The bakery also has doughnuts, butter cookies, tarts and more. For something savory, check out the deli for a Bakewell quiche.

Foundry Bakehouse & Deli | Albion

Instead of roses, why not buy your sweetheart a half dozen rose cupcakes? If you’re in town, the bakery makes mornings better with doughnuts, muffins and cinnamon rolls. It’s also great for a sweet pick-me-up at lunchtime.

Louie’s Bakery | Marshall

Since it opened in 1952, Louie’s has been run by family. Locals love them for the nut rolls -- a mixture of fried dough, cinnamon, gooey icing and sprinkled with nuts. It goes great with a cup of coffee, like the Starbucks that’s served at the bakery. Their holiday sugar cookies are also a hit, so pick up some heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day.

Hot drinks

Cafe Rica | Battle Creek

Peppermint mocha is a current favorite at this colorful downtown cafe. Or embrace winter by sipping on a hot cocoa that’s flavored with cranberry bitters and peppermint. Both are part of the winter seasonal menu.

32 Social | Battle Creek

The price is right at 32 Social. Pick up a caramel latte with some cookies for your sweetheart.. If you’re okay with a cold drink in winter, energize your day (and maybe your Instagram feed) with a pink smoothie.

Grand River Brewery | Marshall

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the bartenders have come up with special cocktails. Enjoy the pink Love Potion or Punched in the Heart, or treat yourself to the Chocolate-tini (which is also a great drink to go with brunch over the weekend).

Dessert menu

Mr. Don’s | Battle Creek

If you’re going to indulge, you might as well go all the way. Mr’s Don’s has deep-fried Oreos, Pop-tarts, oatmeal cream pies and PB&Js on the menu. It’s a great way to finish off burgers or a chicken tenders basket.

Pasche’s Seafood Kitchen | Battle Creek

Pasche’s specializes in cajun cooking, so the banana foster is New Orleans style. It’s sauteed bananas with brown sugar, butter and rum over vanilla ice cream. For a dessert that will warm your tummy, try the homemade bread pudding. It has apples, raisins with praline sauce and Bourbon sauce.

Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub | Marshall

Spots are going to go fast for Schuler’s Valentine’s Day reservations. But they still have take-out, so bring home some good food and light candles at the table. Don’t forget dessert. The coconut snowball is Schuler’s signature dessert, but if you want something without ice cream, go for the flourless chocolate torte and Hummingbird Cake.

Shwe Mandalay | Battle Creek

Follow your noodles or curry dish with rice cakes. They’re made with rice flour and coconut milk, so it’s a smooth, chewy texture that’s slightly sweet. The Burmese also serve Shwe Gyi for special celebrations. A bubble tea in tropical flavors is also a fun treat.