Good drinks, spooky stories and creative experiences are all on the itinerary for Trolley Tours in Marshall. 

Buy a ticket and the trolley will take your tour group around the city with a guide. Adventures include: 

CULTURAL EXPERIENCE • JAN 21, 2023 from 1:30 – 6:30PM PLUS A SHOW! 

Tickets for the Wolf Tree Film Festival included! 

  • Tour backstage at the Franke Center for the Arts. 

  • Have fun and learn a new skill at a cooking class. 
  • Enjoy a special dinner at the Marshall Country Club. 
  • Then have a drink downstage at the Franke (not included) before heading upstairs to see the Wolf Tree Film Festival (included). 

HISTORICAL EXPLORATION • JAN 28, 2023 from 4PM – 9:30PM • $35 

A knowledgeable guide will lead us through an Underground Railroad story that is famous in Marshall. Learn about the Adam Crosswhite case by candlelight, while you visit: 

  • Adam Crosswhite Marker 
  • Governor's Mansion 
  • Oakridge Cemetery 
  • and The Stagecoach Inn, where you will order dinner (NOT included in ticket price) and hear more from your guide about Marshall. 

PUB CRAWL • FEB 11, 2023 from NOON – 5PM • $65 

Pints from: 

  • Mike's Place 
  • Dark Horse Brewing 

  • Handmap Brewing in Battle Creek 
  • Grand River Brewery 

Enjoy appetizers at Mike's Place (included in ticket price) and lunch at Dark Horse (NOT included in ticket price). 

CULTURAL EXPERIENCE • FEB 25, 2023 from 1:30 – 6:30PM PLUS A SHOW! $55 

Tickets for the Ada Lean Concert included! 

  • Tour backstage at Cornwell's Turkeyville. 
  • Have a unique painting experience with local artist Kimber Thompson while enjoying a pint glass of wine at Maria's Uncorked. 
  • Enjoy a special dinner at Emerald Hills. 
  • Then have a drink downstage at the Franke (not included) before heading upstairs to see the Ada Lean Concert (included). 

DISTILLERY TOUR: "I'm here for the Boo's" • March 18, 2023 from 4:30–10PM • $80 Learn about haunted Marshall while drinking local spirits! 

  • Winston's Pub 
  • Honolulu House 
  • Dark Horse pint PLUS pizza (included in ticket price) 

  • Oakridge Cemetery 
  • Governor's Mansion 
  • Grand River Brewery 

HISTORICAL EXPLORATION: "Progressive Taste of Historic Marshall" • March 25, 2023 from 11AM to 4:30PM  

Learn about historic dining in Marshall while tasting your way through local museums. 

  • Historic Firehouse tour 
  • Capitol Hill School tour and appetizers 
  • Governor's Mansion dinner 
  • Honolulu House dessert 

  • Marshall Museum at the GAR Hall after dinner coffee and hardtack 

For a full list and links to buy tickets, go to the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance website

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