“Breakfast ball!” was the call of the morning, as golfers warmed up their swings at The Medalist in Marshall.

The 14 men were working out kinks for the first drive of the day. Two sandhill cranes walked unperturbed across the green course while the group traded gibes and sunscreen.

“We love the company, we love golf, we love just getting the guys out and having a good time,” Dan Levison said.

With the help of Southern Swing, Levison arranged this outing, which would take his friends to four different golf courses over a long weekend.

“Each group is unique, so everyone's stay-and-play packages are different,” says Kelli Beattie, sales coordinator.

One of the rules for putting together a big trip like this is to relax, because Kelli has the planning covered. It gives Dan extra time to do the fun stuff, like coming up with daily challenges.

“A lot of us are very competitive, so we have fun with it, and talk a lot of smack and that makes it all the more interesting,” Dan said.

Dan is from Livonia, but not everybody is close by. Driving up north was too lengthy for a golf outing, but here in Southern Michigan his group has a central location.

“Once we found out that the courses were nice, that was a big part of it, too,” he said.

This is the group’s seventh year with Southern Swing, but Chris Beatty joined in for the first time. 

He said the courses were in good shape, and he liked being out in nature. 

“Trust me, not all courses are the same,” Chris said. “It’s been a good trip.”

The group always makes a point to have The Medalist in rotation. There was a nice breeze and the greens were fast, which did make some shots a little more difficult.

The Medalist is also known for its restaurant.

“We’ll probably have dinner here because the food is so good,” Dan said.

The night before, some of the guys checked out local fare at Territorial Brewing Co., one of four craft breweries located in Calhoun County. 

Territorial specializes in German brews, with pretzels, bratwurst and schnitzel served alongside burgers and sandwiches.

Want an easy way to arrange your own golf vacation? First, take a look at your options at Southern Swing. Then give Kelli a call. 

“I can work with anyone’s budget and can come up with great courses, tee times and lodging options,” Kelli says.

Dan is one of Kelli’s favorite customers and she always enjoys the feedback email he sends after every trip.

“I could do it all myself,” Dan says, “but it’s nice that Kelli’s making the phone calls and organizing things, and I can just talk to her as one contact person.”

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a customizable golf package with personalized service, email info@misouthernswing.com or call 1-877-MI-SWING.