Albion Malleable Brewing Co. 

Albion Malleable Brewing Company has the warmth of the city’s industrial past, balanced with the bright notes of future possibilities. “Porter” used to be a physically demanding job, and the workers were known to like dark beer. So it’s fitting that AMBC calls their porter “American Molder.” It honors the iron company that put Albion on the map while using hops grown by a local farm. Travel experts also named AMBC as the place to find Michigan’s best burger – so raise a toast to Albion’s delicious new industry.  


Dark Horse Brewing Co. 

Dark Horse pairs well with a sense of adventure, really bringing out a zest for life. This quirky establishment is serious about making beer and serious about having fun. The beer garden is a great spot to find live music and dogs are allowed. If you want to start with a classic, order the Twisted Tree IPA. 


Handmap Brewing 

For a relaxed taste and down-to-earth finish, Handmap Brewing has the essence of Michigan. Look at your right palm and point to the bottom left -- that’s where you’ll find this new brewery serving up craft beer in a renovated historic space on the banks of the Battle Creek River. Maybe try the fruity Two-Can beer, inspired by cereal.  


New Holland Brewing Co.

Smooth and sophisticated, New Holland Brewing goes down easy. The light- filled space in Battle Creek is just as good for a date night as a business lunch meeting. The covered beer garden is open all year round. There is more than beer to imbibe, with cocktails made from spirits distilled on site. 


Territorial Brewing Co. 

Raise a glass to the motherland at this bold brewery with undertones of nostalgia. Even if you’ve never been to Europe, you can crave the German-inspired menu. Pilsner tops the list of mainstay beers, but you’ll also see lagers and a rotating list of whatever is currently striking the brewers’ fancy. The backyard has a large disc golf course, and there’s ax-throwing on warm Thursday nights.