[su_slider source="media: 8753,8752,8751,8750,8749,8748,8747,8746,8745"] One of the advantages to “shop local” is finding unique items that will make you think of your trip.

Sure, the Welcome Center has the usual touristy souvenirs, such as postcards and stickers shaped like the Mitten State.

But there is also plenty of neat stuff made by Michigan artists or fun gifts that have a Battle Creek spin.

The shop is run by the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau. While checking out the merchandise, ask for information on what to do in the area and stop by the cereal history exhibit.

The shop isn’t only for tourists, though. Locals, too, can find items that are nostalgic, fun and show you #believeinbattlecreek.


On a good day, Battle Creek smells like cereal. There are still factories located near downtown and the air gets a sweet, fruity smell, like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.Kymora Kandles captures it perfectly with the Cereal City scented candle.The Welcome Center has other Michigan-inspired Kymora Kandles, with labels such as 2 Handed Euchre, Lake Michigan Kitchen, Smitten in the Mitten, Great Lakes Thunderstorm and Deer in the Headlights.


Out of all of the Vintage Kellogg’s in the store, our favorite items are the jigsaw puzzles. The old advertisements are as colorful and sweet as the cereal they tout.It might not be as practical as the Vintage Kellogg’s aprons or kitchen towels, but puzzles are a fun way to spend an evening.


T-shirts come in all sizes, so you can buy matching shirts for you and your own little Tiger or Sugar Bear.The bright colors and simple designs make the Kellogg’s wear appealing, but the Welcome Center also has shirts that prove your Mitten Love or declare you Believe in Battle Creek.


Show off your Michigander pride with pendants and earrings from Stone Armory. A great gift idea, they have the same elegant design as jewelry on michiganawesome.com but they’re less expensive.

Tony the Tiger slippers

These slippers are g-r-r-r-r-r-eat!Sorry, we couldn’t resist. But really, skip the bunny slippers and go for Tony. Like the tiger, these slippers are fuzzy and they’ll add some moxie to your morning.