Valentine’s Day… We all grow up thinking it’s a day to show people how much they mean to us. Whether it is a significant other, family, or friends. With the day coming up in less than a month, it got me wondering about the real meaning of Valentine’s Day. Through some research, I found out the true meaning behind the legendary Valentine’s Day. 

Here are the facts: 

  • The day is named after St. Valentine. St. Valentine was a bishop in Rome during a time when Claudius II prohibited marriages for young men. Claudius II believed that marriage made men too emotional, therefore making them bad soldiers 
  • Bishop Valentine saw the injustice in the law and saw the heartbreak between two lovers who thought there was never a possibility of marriage. 
  • Bishop Valentine would marry these people in secret. He organized many secret marriages before he was caught. 
  • This is why Valentine’s Day is known as a day for love. 

Now it is time for you to plan the day for you and your special someone. Here are some ideas of where to spend your day in the Battle Creek area: 

Kitchen Proper 

For truly genuine cooking outside home, try Kitchen Poper, where foods are always seasonally fresh and prepared daily with quality meats, wild caught fish and in-house prepared pastas and sauces. There is a comfortable atmosphere, intimate and great for a Valentine’s dinner. 

Lucky Rooster

Another dinner option is Lucky Rooster. Here, everything on the menu is made from scratch, with many classic italian dishes to choose from. Get cozy and warm up by the fireplace. 

Cascarelli’s of Albion 

Located in neighboring Albion, Cascarelli’s has amazing pizza and other delicious Italian dishes. 

Schuler’s Restaurant 

This 100-year-old restaurant is a great place for a delicious steak dinner or lighter faire of fish or an American style burger. A night out is a great excuse to use the formal dining room at Schuler’s. Check their website for Valentine’s Day specials.  

Handmap Brewing

After dinner, head over to Handmap Brewing in Downtown Battle Creek. This brewery has a cozy atmosphere, so you and your Valentine's date can get to know one another.

Firekeeper’s Casino 

For the perfect all-in-one night out, head over to Firekeeper’s Casino and Hotel. Here you will find all the entertainment, dining and beverage options. To top it off, don’t worry about driving home after a long night, and book a room!  


Order oysters and a delicious cocktail at Torti Taco Bar & Grill in downtown Battle Creek. This Mexican restaurant includes a seafood bar run by a chef with 20 years experience in Seattle restaurants. If you’re not in the mood for seafood, they also serve up an excellent skirt steak, marinated in Spanish flavors. Or check out the Valentine’s Day specials.