Nothing helps you get through the gray months of winter like a cup of hot cocoa. Here are five places to find some sweet warmth in Battle Creek: 


Cafe Rica 

The winter special at Cafe Rica combines chocolate with peppermint syrup and cranberry bitters for a festive twist. 


You can also request the fall special, which adds a spicy cinnamon flavor to warm up your tummy. 


Simply Sensational Berries 

Chocolate isn’t just for dipping strawberries at Simply Sensational Berries. They sell gourmet hot chocolate all year round, but the winter highlight is the hot chocolate bomb.  


Drop the chocolate ball into hot milk and watch it melt into a creamy treat with marshmallows inside. 


Ciao Bella Chocolat 

Ciao Bella makes chocolate bars directly from the cocoa beans. You can buy mixes for hot chocolate, or if you can’t wait, they’ll make you a cup of chocolate right there. 


They’re also (rightly) famous for homemade marshmallows. A peanut butter marshmallow and hot chocolate drink are heaven. 


Giving Cup 

You won’t lack for chocolate with this frothy, rich version of hot chocolate at Giving Cup. 


Bonus: For every order, $1 goes to the local homeless shelter. 


Clara’s on the River 

This former train station has a cozy atmosphere for sipping on your hot chocolate and spending time with family. A slice of carrot cake wouldn’t go amiss, either.  


For the grown-ups, you can ask for an upgrade to an Irish hot chocolate, for a little bit of extra warmth on a cold night.