What are the top three customer favorites at True North Ice Cream? It all comes down to the classics. 


#1 Vanilla Bean 

This wholesome ice cream is flecked with imported vanilla beans. It’s a testament to how, when done well, the simple things are the best. It’s got the creamy kind of texture you only get with fresh ice cream. That’s True North’s secret to the best ice cream. 

“What makes it unique is it’s homemade and made daily,” said manager Dan Washeurn. 

Of course, vanilla is also a great base for adding toppings like caramel or nuts. And don’t miss out on the vanilla honey ice cream, made with locally sourced honey. It’s a little sweeter and has a light honey aftertaste. 


#2 Oreo 

The base of this is vanilla, but the crumbled Oreo turns it into a chocolatey feast. Then on top of that, they add MORE Oreo. When you bite into the creamy Oreo filling, it’s heaven. 


#3 Cookie Dough 

Three cookie dough ice creams were ordered in a matter of minutes on a recent Monday afternoon. The chunks of cookie dough in this ice cream add a chewy texture that’s popular with kids (maybe as popular as the Blue Moon ice cream). As one kid recommended, add some gummy worms on top for more to chew on. 


Coffee Crunch 

Coffee Crunch might not make the top three, but maybe it should – it is the top recommendation at True North. This isn’t made with artificial flavorings. It’s real coffee from a local roaster, with toffee and flakes of chocolate added to make it a little sweeter. But it tastes like a cappuccino when you take a bite. And if you’re at the Marshall store, ask for a shot of espresso to add to the crunch for a twist on the affogato. 


Find Flavor 

But for a shop that plays with flavor, it seems a shame to stop there. After all, owner Vaughn Frentz puts his heart into creating new and exciting ice cream flavors. He starts with family. 

“We were the guinea pigs,” said his daughter, Megan Frentz. “Everything is natural.” 

Even the bright colors come from natural dyes and anything that can be sourced locally will be. Locals know Cascarelli’s in Homer for its roasted nuts as much as its pizza, and it’s those nuts that make it into the Cascarelli Cashew ice cream. 

There are also the 21+ ice cream flavors, with alcohol incorporated into flavors like Honey Bourbon (real bourbon!). 

Make your choice for the best flavor at the two locations: 403 S. Kalamazoo Ave., Marshall; 928 W. Columbia Ave., Battle Creek.