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Binder Park Zoo

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7400 Division Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014
Regions: Battle Creek
(269) 979-1351
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Discover spectacular views of wild animals at Binder Park Zoo! From the blue poison dart frog to the reticulated giraffe, animals are given natural environments, large enough for them to play, learn and be themselves. Connecting kids and families with animals and fun is what Binder Park Zoo is all about.

Situated on 433 acres, Binder Park is not your typical zoo. It features a variety of rides and exhibits, such as the award-winning Wild Africa. On your walk past the savannah, you can get nose-to-nose with one of the largest giraffe herds in the country and offer a leaf snack to one of the giraffes. Recent additions to Wild Africa are a family of African painted dogs and three lions.

Experience a variety of animals from around the world – all without leaving the country. Travel to Asia to watch the snow leopards and red panda, meet three black bears from North America, say hi to the South American sloth or find out what an Australian wallaby looks like.

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